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Watch: Ohio Girl Stands Up to Anti-Gay Preacher With Rainbow Flag

By Jason St. Amand | Jul 1
A touching YouTube video of a first-grader from Columbus, Ohio standing up to an anti-gay street preacher by handing him a rainbow flag is going viral this week.

Katy Perry Caught in Property Dispute Between Nuns, Archdiocese

Jul 1
Katy Perry is caught in a property dispute between a group of elderly nuns and the Los Angeles Archdiocese over who owns a hilltop convent overlooking Hollywood. The singer is named in a recent lawsuit over the scenic property in the Los Feliz neighborhoo

Episcopalians to Vote on Allowing Gay Marriage in Churches

By Brady McCombs and Rachel Zoll | Jul 1
Episcopalians are set to vote Wednesday on allowing religious weddings for same-sex couples, just days after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide.

Man With Too Much Time On His Hands Wants To Burn Gay Flag

By EDGE | Jun 30
It's probably safe to bet that this guy didn't rainbow his Facebook profile photo.

'Changed' Justin Bieber Attends Sydney Church Conference

Jun 30
Justin Bieber credited a Pentecostal pastor with changing his life as he mingled Tuesday with thousands of Christians at a five-day church conference in Sydney.

Pope in US to Meet With Homeless, Prisoners and Immigrants

Jun 30
Pope Francis will meet with homeless people, immigrants and prisoners during his trip to Cuba and the U.S. He'll also preside over a meeting about religious liberty, a big topic for the U.S. Catholic Church in the wake of the SCOTUS's gay marriage ruling.

Jewish Hate Group Outsources Gay Pride Protest to Mexican Day Workers Dressed as Hasidics

By EDGE | Jun 30
Anti-gay bigotry. It's not just for evangelical Christians.

Despite Marriage Ruling, Texas Pastor Won't Be Burned As Promised

By EDGE | Jun 29
Put those matches away. Sadly, there will be no burning pastor.

Religious Liberty is Rallying Cry After Gay Marriage Ruling

By Rachel Zoll and Steve Peoples | Jun 29
Now that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide, religious conservatives are focusing on preserving their right to object.

Bishops Object to Court's Gay Marriage Ruling

Jun 26
Virginia's Roman Catholic bishops are voicing distress over the Supreme Court ruling affirming gay marriage.

1 thru 10 of 852 Stories