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Theater Gossip Michael Riedel Writes A History of Broadway

By Mark Kennedy | Oct 5
When you read New York Post theater columnist Michael Riedel, there's no mistaking whom the writer is. He's snarky and skewering and gleeful. That makes his latest project all the more interesting.

Rainbow Reads - October 2015

By Bill Biss | Oct 5
Fact or fiction? The line is blurred within the confines of imagination and truth. These five books speak to the very heart of life's journey.

John Waters' Commencement Speech Will Become a Book

Sep 30
Listen up young people, John Waters has some life lessons to pass on.

Check Out an Erotic Lesbian Novella About Kim Davis Because Why Not

Sep 29
An erotic lesbian novella about Kim Davis exists.

Gay Conservative Jimmy LaSalvia on Leaving the GOP (And Why You Should, Too!)

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 29
Jimmy LaSalvia cofounded GOProud, confounded CPAC, jumped the sinking Republican ship to go Independent, and now has written a revealing memoir. Meet the former insider whose simple message is this: The GOP is not your friend.

Shards On the Tip of the Tongue :: A Chat with 'Mouthquake' Author Daniel Allen Cox

By Obed Medina | Sep 23
In his new novel "Mouthquake," Daniel Allen Cox asks whether (and how) we can be certain of our memories -- and, therefore, of ourselves. EDGE chatted recently with Canada's poet in residence of queer literature.

JK Rowling Tells a New Harry Potter Story on Her Website

Sep 22
Eight years after writing the last of her "Harry Potter" novels, J.K. Rowling is still adding to the boy wizard's story.

Ruth Reichl: Bouncing Back From The Demise of 'Gourmet

By J.M. Hirsch | Sep 16
Ready for a deep dive into the dismantling of Gourmet magazine? Ruth Reichl is ready to share.

'Fear and Clothing' Unbuckles Fashion One Belt at a Time

By Christina Ledbetter | Sep 8
Author Cintra Wilson takes a studious peek under the veil (or pinstriped suit, as it were) to expose the implications beneath the clothes we wear in "Fear and Clothing."

Rainbow Reads - September 2015

By Kitty Drexel | Sep 4
This month's Rainbow Reads run the gamut of personal experience. Which books should you pick up this month?

1 thru 10 of 627 Stories